“Lynea brings two special qualities to my writing work with her: joy and enthusiasm that create an atmosphere in which I can actually enjoy the creative process and thoughtful insightful questions that take me into areas that I might not go on my own. Furthermore, Lynea is a highly perceptive person who quickly sees where people are blocked in their learning and, drawing on her considerable creative resources, is able to offer approaches and strategies that help her clients realize their professional and personal goals. I know from my work with her how she unfailingly brings intelligence, courtesy and direction to everything she does.”

– Ken McLeod, Buddhist teacher and author of Wake Up to Your Life
and An Arrow to the Heart

“Lynea has a natural, insightful sense of the structure of a work, sees what’s wrong – and what’s right – and helps writers find better ways to reach their goals with simplicity and elegance.”

– Howard Suber, co-founder of UCLA’s Film & Television Producer’s Program
and author of The Power of Film