Lynea Diaz-Hagan became a writing coach entirely through serendipity in the early 2000s. She was working as a presentations developer for the investment bank of JPMorgan Chase, when a handful of friends and colleagues asked her to consult on their graduate school application essays. After successfully supporting applications to Kellogg School of Management, Columbia Business School, Weill Cornell Medical School, and UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television, Lynea realized she had a knack for helping people turn their personal and academic experiences into stories that stood out from the crowd.

In 2005, while pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting at UCLA, Lynea began her teaching and freelance writing career. As an SAT instructor for Compass Education, she discovered that while many of her students were receiving excellent coaching for standardized tests, they weren’t receiving the kind of writing instruction that would encourage independent thinking and best position them for college success. She observed a similar problem among her business clients: although many were well-versed in writing and public speaking clichés, they struggled to communicate their professional missions and ideas in unique and creative ways. Eager to remedy these problems, Lynea launched Windhorse Writing.

Over a decade later, Lynea continues to be passionate about helping clients from a range of backgrounds find authentic and powerful ways to express themselves. As an admissions consultant, she has helped scores of students gain admission to top programs across the country, including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, and Duke. Her workshops as a consulting instructor for the National University of Singapore's Overseas Colleges have helped entrepreneurship students articulate their ideas with power and clarity; several students she has coached have won funding and recognition in pitch competitions. Lynea has also empowered the leadership of several startups based in Los Angeles and the Bay Area through her work as a pitch consultant, public speaking coach, and meeting facilitator.

Beyond the academic and corporate worlds, Lynea loves helping solo entrepreneurs and artists gain clarity of purpose and articulate their missions. As a motivational and breakthrough coach, she has worked with over one hundred clients privately, helping them develop the courage and focus to pursue their creative and professional dreams. She also regularly provides story consultation and coaching for screenwriters. She previously worked as a story analyst for the late film director, Jonathan Demme.

Lynea leverages a range of writing, performance, and mind-body awareness tools to provide comprehensive services for her clients. Her education and training include a B.A. in English from Yale University, an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA, an MA in Jazz Studies/Vocal Performance from San Jose State University, as well as extensive study and training in movement modalities, spiritual practice, and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Keeping her own performance and storytelling skills sharp, Lynea performs and shows work regularly as a vocalist and interdisciplinary artist and has recently received grants for her work, including a 2019 Literary Artist grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission and a 2018 production grant from Theatre Bay Area. She is a certified Clinical EFT Practitioner (mentored by Dawson Church, PhD.) through EFT Universe.

If you would like to discuss Lynea’s availability for admissions consulting, writing coaching, or business consulting, please contact her here or call (415) 513-0710.